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EDG Methodology


EDG adopts a Participatory Action Research (PAR) approach in all its technical activities starting from problem identification to plan formulation and project implementation. Emphasis is placed on the full participation of relevant parties and stakeholders. This approach seeks to enhance the sense of ownership among EDG clients and project beneficiaries, and ensures greater stakeholders participation in all steps of the project cycle.

To ensure stakeholder inclusion, EDG's teams incorporate environmental, social, historical, political, cultural, economic, and geographic contexts of the assignment. EDG's PAR approach involves utilizing a systematic cyclical method of planning, taking action, observing, and evaluating (including self-evaluation prior to planning the next cycle.

Concept Development
Our work begins with a thorough review of the background needed to contextual the tasks ahead. A framing meeting with the client usually follows where we share insight and discuss expectations. Back in our office, we develop a vision for the project and outline a detailed work plan—the blueprint for the assignment at hand.

This is the heart of EDG's work. It is when our field specialists and community facilitators take to neighborhoods, districts, and villages to initiate dialogue and collect information. It is when our integrated research unit is busy sifting through data and poring over documents. Once the facts and are gathered, EDG's team fuses the findings into a comprehensive, coherent, and telling picture.

Connecting the Dots
Our analysis and the recommendations we make are multifaceted and cut across various disciplines. The method recognizes that there is more than one solution for any given problem. Our approach to project implementation integrates all viable options into a unified project strategy.

Public Awareness and Communication
There are two sides to EDG's communication approach: awareness and consultations. The former refers to imparting knowledge and raising understand, thus bringing a marginalized issue to the fore and into the public's attention. The latter involves disclosure and aims to foster dialogue and openness among stakeholders through inclusion and stakeholder input.

EDG measures a project's success not only in terms of positive impact, but also through the lasting effects it brings forth. A winning endeavor creates continuity along with betterment. The EDG team strives to bring an element permanence to the progress and process its work has invoked.