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Eco-lodge and Ecotourism Development

Environment consulting and ecotourism development - Egypt & Middle East:


Environmental and Socio-cultural Profile (ESCP) studies are the first step towards the development of sound and sustainable ecotourism and ecotourism supporting amenities, particularly eco-lodges. ESCP studies provide detailed information on baseline conditions at the project site and its adjacent region. They identify tourism development potential and constraints, and provide the foundation for the project planning, design and marketing activities.


The eco-lodge itself is a guesthouse that incorporates its natural and cultural surroundings. It employs land management strategies that protect the environment—working to minimize waste and energy consumption, employing water saving measures, and supporting nature conservation and biodiversity. Eco-lodges often are active members of the community to which they belong. They encourage sustainable economic development, hiring locally and favoring local products in their daily operations.


Sample projects for environment consulting and ecotourism development in Egypt & Middle East:


Environmental and Socio-cultural Profile of Palm Hills Gemsha, Hurghada, Red Sea
Client: Palm Hills Developments, Egypt
Completed 2010

This profile covered the 5,000,000 square meters of the resort site and the surrounding area along the Red Sea coast north of Hurghada. The profile provided project planners, architects and engineers with a comprehensive database and an analysis of environmental settings and resources upon which the project was to be developed. It allowed for the integration of unique environmental attractions into the development and was to contribute significantly to the resort’s competitive edge.

The profile also identified and described existing and potential environmental constraints and risks that would affect the development and future operation of the project and the resort.

Pages From Our Report:
Prehistoric Rock Art [PDF download]
Site Suitability [PDF download]
Fauna [PDF download]


Environmental and Socio cultural Profile of Northwestern Sector of the Gulf of Suez, Egypt
Client: Palm Hills Developments, Egypt
Completed 2009

The objective of this profile was to collect, analyze, and present information on the environmental and socio-cultural baseline conditions in the north western sector of the Gulf of Suez area.  These findings were to serve as a foundation for the Palm Hills project planning, design, and marketing activities. This baseline information ensured the integration and utilization of unique environmental attractions of the site and surrounding region into the project plans and its future activities. The profile also identified and described potential environmental constraints and risks that might affect the development and future operation of the project. The profile was prepared on the basis of an extensive field survey to assess the suitability of different elements of the resort site, its fronting waters, and adjacent desert areas.
 Pages from our report:

Cultural Heritage [PDF download]
Watershed [PDF download]

Eco-lodge and Ecotourism Development for El Sokhna Palm Hills Resort
Client: Palm Hills Developments
Completed 2010

The EDG team identified suitable locations for development of an eco-lodge and surrounding amenities on the 5.5 million square meter Palm Sokhna Resort. The team undertook a detailed analysis of the sites' natural attributes, development potential, and the constraints. In addition to land acquisition technical support—pre-feasibility studies, pre-ESIAs, and coordination with the relevant authorities—the work also involved market assessments, preliminary financial analyses, and developing a branding and marketing strategy for the lodge.