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Social and Environmental Management System (SEMS)

Environment consulting and ecotourism development - Egypt & Middle East:


SEMS is a comprehensive, systemic, planned, and documented set of processes and practices that enable an organization to identify mitigate financial risks associated with environmental and social implications of investments. Operating an effective SEMS ensures regulatory compliance and better use of resources. Often a SEMS helps businesses display their credentials as an environmentally aware operation.

Under the SEMS heading comes the Environmental and Social Due Diligence (ESDD) which is tailored to the needs of clients engaging in mergers and acquisitions, or undertaking green field investments. The ESDD is a critical component of any business transaction where environmental and social risks may be of concern. The work covers liability issues in corporate due diligence, and it includes health and safety, regulatory compliance, and corporate social responsibility.


Sample projects for environment consulting and ecotourism development in Egypt & Middle East:

Development of a Social and Environmental Management System
Client: Beltone Private Equity Fund
Completed 2009

The work began with an in depth review of international finance agencies' environmental and social management systems. The research covered policies, regulations, and accepted guidelines; it also included the stipulations of the Egyptian finance and banking sector, and Egyptian environmental legal requirements and standards. This provided the basis for developing a SEMS which would detail policy, procedure, and workflow in the appraisal of potential investments. The system addressed occupational health and safety, emergency preparedness, pollution prevention and abatement, greenhouse gas emission, and cultural heritage preservation.