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Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)

Environment consulting and ecotourism development - Egypt & Middle East:


An ESIA is an appraisal of the possible impacts that a proposed project may have on a given social and environmental setting. The purpose of the assessment is to ensure that decision makers and stakeholder are able to weigh project consequences and mitigation measures where needed. In Egypt, an ESIA must be performed for new industrial, oil and gas, infrastructure, electricity, mining, and tourism projects. EDG's methodology for undertaking ESIAs follows the guidelines set out by the World Bank's Environmental Assessment Sourcebook and its Pollution Prevention and Abatement Handbook.


Sample projects for environment consulting and ecotourism development in Egypt & Middle East:


Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Pyramids Plateau Groundwater Lowering
Client: USAID and the Supreme Council of Antiquities
Partner: Aecom USA, Inc.
Completed 2011

Groundwater levels at the Pyramids Plateau in Giza had risen steadily over several decades due to proliferation of informal settlements—which lack adequate drainage services—and the increased availability of irrigation water as a result of the Aswan High Dam. The assessment identified the practical ways to safely counter the negative impacts this was having on the area’s historic monuments. The study also entailed holding public hearings and disclosure meetings with the various stakeholders. It also involved preparing a monitoring program that would be in place during and after construction.


Environmental Impact Identification (ENVID) and Best Available Techniques (BAT) Assessment For the West Delta Deep Marine (WDDM) Wastewater Treatment Work Options
Client: BG Egypt and Environmental Resources Management (ERM) Ltd.
2011 Project is ongoing

The ESIA team is currently identifying potential risks—environmental, social, and threats to community health—associated with wastewater treatment options at the WDDM concession. The findings will inform an options-appraisal process that would facilitate the development of a best available techniques (BAT) weigh-in of the proposed work. The BAT will support the client's decision-making exercise as to the most fitting route.


Environmental Impact Assessment El Sokhna Palm Hills Resort
Client: Palm Hills Developments
Completed 2010

The work identified positive and negative environmental impacts of the planned resort. It included strategies for mitigating any potential adverse impact and plans for environmental management during the construction and operations phases. Based on the Master EIA plan—which included assessments the project's general layout, marina and marine components, piers, and the boardwalk network—impact prediction, impact evaluation, and environmental management plans were also developed.


Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of El Fanadeer Resort, El Gouna
Client: Orascom Hotels and Development
Completed 2009

The study provided a detailed description and analysis of the existing environmental setting of the project site including its physical/chemical, biological, and socio-cultural attributes. The investigation took stock of the potential interaction between the project and the social and natural setting. The study developed an environmental management plan which included a plan for mitigating predicted adverse effects during construction and subsequent operation as well as a scheme for monitoring the effectiveness of these measures.


Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of the Air Liquide Egypt's SILPA 140 Gas Liquefaction Plant, 6th of October City
Client: Air Liquide
Completed 2009

The assessment covered the project's components that are likely to impact the physical, biotic, cultural or aesthetic elements of the environment. The assessment's physical section covered climate, topography, surface geology, air quality and ambient noise levels, while the socioeconomic section looked at land use and infrastructure. A set of mitigating measures were also designed to eliminate or reduce the project's impacts. An Environmental Management Plan (EMP) was designed to monitor the effectiveness of the mitigation measures.


Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of the Taba Club Mediterrannée
Client: Orascom Hotels and Development
Completed 2009

The ESIA investigated the potential interaction between the project and the environmental and socio-cultural elements in the area. The assessment looked at the climate, near-shore physical oceanography, the coastline and bottom morphology. It also looked at terrestrial and marine habitats, fisheries and other marine resources. The assessment examined the site's natural vulnerability to sandstorms, floods, and earthquakes.

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