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Capacity Building and Training

Microfinance and SME Sector Support and Consulting - Egypt & Middle East:


Great strides have been taken by microfinance over the last two decades. Still, there remains much room for growth, both in terms of market expansion and new product development. Across the MFI spectrum—from banks to microfinance service companies—training, at all staffing levels is imperative if the sector is to maintain its current growth trajectory.


Sample projects for microfinance consulting and SME development include:

Establishing a Microfinance Service Company (MSC) in Al Shamalia, Sudan.
Phase II

Clients: Sudan Microfinance Development Facility (SMDF) and the World Bank
Partner: Unicons
2011 Project – Ongoing

In collaboration with Unicons, EDG carried out a two-phase project with the objective of establishing an MSC in Al Shamalia (See Phase I, below). The work over Phase II will see the development of the Operations Polices Manual and the Operations/Credit Procedures (Workflow) Manual. The team will also begin conducting negotiations with banks and cooperatives to draft partnership agreements. Phase II will also see the training of senior management and board members, and the development of a technical report outlining the company's MIS requirements.