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Market Assessments & Baseline Surveys

Microfinance and SME Sector Support and Consulting - Egypt & Middle East:


Market assessments entail analysis and research for both new microfinance entrants or existing providers who wish to widen their reach either by accessing new clients or by offering new products. The work consists of a comprehensive review of secondary sources as well as the collection of primary data through surveys. The latter may serve as standalone research or provide baseline information upon which to monitor and measure project results over the course of time.


Sample projects for microfinance consulting and SME development include:

Market Research for Home Improvement/Low Income Housing Loans
Clients: Dakahlya Business Association for Community Development (DBACD) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC)
Partner: ShoreBank International (SBI)
2011 Project Ongoing

The DBACD is looking to further develop its housing loan portfolio to meet the demand in Dakahlya. To this end, EDG in a collaboration with SBI, is carrying out a detailed study for home improvement and low income housing loan provision. The first component of the two-part assignment entails a comprehensive market assessment that will gauge overall demand in terms of the number of clients, portfolio size, and market segmentation. The assessment will also account for demand distribution in terms of geographic dispersal, client income levels, and types of housing. The second component involves an institutional assessment of the DBACD and any capacity building measures it would need to expand its housing finance portfolio.