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Stakeholder Mapping

Socio economic research consulting - Egypt & Middle East:


A stakeholder analysis attempts to indentify the various groups that make up a community. The work is crucial developing a stakeholder matrix—leaders and other prominent figures who represent the these groups. This is a crucial first step to developing and eventually implementing a managed change initiative.


Sample projects for socio economic research consulting, Egypt & Middle East:

Appraisal of Community Consultation Mechanism in Idku Gas Hub and Community
Engagement Plan and Capacity Building for Community Representatives

Client: BG Egypt
Completed 2011

The work entailed an analysis and mapping of the community stakeholders in Idku. Once the process was complete, the EDG team began organizing preliminary meetings with the community. Within a few short weeks, both the community and the gas hub companies had come to the table to discuss grievances and how to ameliorate their ties. As part of the community engagement plan, a community liaison office is being set up to permanently manage this relationship. It also involved developing several short-term projects that would demonstrate goodwill and commitment on the part of the gas hub companies.