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Economic Mapping

Socio economic research consulting - Egypt & Middle East:


Economic mapping describes the asset landscape upon which a community's livelihood and its development depend. The work profiles the sectors and industries that create downstream support spinoffs—generate income and provide employment. It looks at local consumption multipliers along with upstream market supply chains and value chains. The map also takes stock of the skill base and competencies that make up the community's human resources.


Sample projects for socio economic research consulting, Egypt & Middle East:

Idku Gas Hub Sustainable Livelihoods Program
Client: BG Egypt
2011 Project – Ongoing

Building on an appraisal and community engagement plan that had been conducted earlier, BG Egypt commissioned an in depth research and scoping exercise for developing a comprehensive livelihood program in Idku in the governorate of Beheira. The work profiled the key economic and employment bases in Idku, and it also identified economic constraints and opportunities that are unique to the target geographic area. Lastly, the project developed a list of potential projects that would support the objectives of the gas companies; it also identified and mapped out central and local organizations with whom the livelihood program could partner.